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The Montego and Maestro range was the most advanced of it's time, no other manufacture in this price range could offer a fully computer controlled management system, and voice control. The stying also broke new ground with full painted plastic bumpers and, on the Montego, hidden wipers that parked out of the air flow under the bonnet line.

Now 5 years since the last models rolled off the production line in the UK, it is getting harder to find examples in un-marked condition, the most common of those being the last of the Turbo Diesel Estates. Without care these models could become very rare in a short amount of time.

If anyone has an example, or knows of one in very good condition (some body corrosion out of site is okay) please get in contact with me so that we can arrange to get some photos of it.

I also collect information and brochures on Montego and Maestro models sold in other countries, if any one has such information spare, or knows where it can be obtained please email me. I currently have some brochures from France, Germany, Belgium and Italy, Uruguay, Israel and New Zealand. I also have an extensive range of brochures, press releases and sales promotions from 1985 to 1993.

In terms of production the Maestro Turbo is the rarest, with only 505 made, and only 49 Black versions, prices are kept alot higher than the trade guides show.

The first MG Maestros had a twin Carb 1600 'R' series engine, later models obtained the Montego's 'S' series before the 2.0 EFI was launched. There is an Maestro MG1600 register on Jonathan's Maestro page that allows any sittings to be listed, together with colour, condition, location and registration number.


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