MG Montego 2.0i

The MG Montego was first introduced in 1984 as the EFI, its 1994cc 'O' series engine pushed out 115 bhp @ 5,500 rpm and a very impressive 134 lb ft torque @ 3,500 rpm.

1988 MG Montego 2.0 EFi

Through out it's life the Montego EFi developed into a mature sports saloon, the build quality problems where slowly sorted out, but unfortunatly by the time the restyled 2.0i model was launched at the 1988 motor the public and media had given it a bad name that no one could reverse.

In its time the MG Montego won a few awards, these are listed below and include Turbo and GTi versions.

Best Sports Car Award: 3rd place MG Montego Turbo

Best Sports Car Award: 14th place MG Montego EFi

Best Sports Car Award: 12th place Rover Montego 2.0 GTi


Other Montego models were also given awards between 1988 and 1991.


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