Picture Gallery

Note All pictures without links will be added very soon.


MG in Tickford Kit (Front)

MG in Tickford Kit (rear/side)

MG Turbo in BRG (Kelvin Fagan's)

MG Turbo

MG Turbo White edition

MG 2.0i with MGF 1.8i wheels (My car)

MG Montego Digital Dash (from 1985 fleet sale brochure)

Montego Accessories (from 1985 Accessories brochure)

2.0 GTi Saloon

2.0 DLX Turbo Estate

2.0 Mayfair Estate

Post-89 interior

2.0i Countryman Estate

2.0 Si Saloon

2.0 HL Estate (German)

2.0 Clubman Turbo D Saloon

Others to come!



MG Turbo

2.0 EFi

1.6 Vanden Plas & MG EFi

1.6 SL

1.3 Clubman

Others to come!


Maestro Van

1.3 500/700 Van

2.0 MDi 700 Van


Other Rovers/MG

MGF 1.8i & VVC

MG Metro 1300

Rover 114 GTa

Rover 114 Cabrio

Rover 425 V6 Special Edition

Rover 425 V6 Engine

Rover 220 GTi Turbo

Rover 827 Coupe

Others to come!


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